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Our Activities 

Other than just being resource center we also make sure out participants gets introduced to the world



At Abheek, we embrace a holistic approach to learning, nurturing creativity, communication skills, and personal growth through theater and artistic expression. This alternative curriculum enriches students' lives, fostering self-discovery and the transformative power of the performing arts.

Off campus visits

At Abheek, off-campus trips are integral to our holistic education approach. They enhance adaptability, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork, fostering cross-cultural understanding. These experiences instil valuable life skills and self-reliance, making them a core component of our child development strategy.



Dialogue 2.jpeg

At Abheek, we prioritise community dialogue to highlight the significance of alternative education. These discussions promote mutual understanding, collaboration, and the alignment of parents, students, and staff. Through community involvement, we address concerns and benefit from valuable insights, enhancing our alternative education approach. This collaborative effort ensures personalised and impactful education, meeting each child's unique needs and aspirations.

Life skills

Life skill sessions at Abheek are paramount, equipping students with essential practical skills for academic and personal success. These sessions foster communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, empowering students to navigate challenges, build relationships, and make informed decisions. These skills are a lifelong foundation for personal growth, ensuring Abheek's students excel in the modern world.

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