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A Learning Space

Abheek, affectionately known as 'The Fearless,' has been a guiding light in the realm of alternative education for more than a decade. Founded in 2011 with a compelling vision to reshape the landscape of traditional education in India, Abheek operates as a non-governmental, not-for-profit institution. It was brought to life by a passionate collective of professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs who shared a vision for a unique educational paradigm.
The genesis of Abheek was rooted in the aspiration to nurture young minds into conscientious and principled leaders of the future. It began within the confines of a home, where a parent-educator, frustrated with the limitations of conventional schooling, posed a fundamental question: "If you are dissatisfied with existing schools, why don't you start your own?" This seemingly simple yet profoundly insightful query ignited the idea of Abheek.
Abheek's overarching philosophy is to cultivate a holistic learning environment for learners. This environment encompasses their physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being through the practice of core values, traditional arts, and dynamic learning methodologies. It provides a secure space for exploration, free thinking, and play, fostering profound understanding and the development of future leader’s par excellence. Academic learning is seamlessly integrated with interactive and enjoyable educational experiences.


Abheek's distinctiveness as an innovative learning space is underpinned by several key features:

Exceptional Student-Teacher Ratios

Abheek prides itself on offering remarkable student-teacher ratios. With an 8:1 ratio for junior groups and a more individualized 5:1 ratio for senior groups, every student benefits from personalized attention and support.

Diverse Curriculum Integration at Abheek
A Holistic Educational Approach

 At Abheek, education transcends the confines of traditional subjects. Our curriculum is a dynamic and inclusive tapestry that seamlessly weaves together a diverse array of activities into daily learning. From farming and fine arts to sports and unique disciplines like Eurythmy and Kalarippayattu, we offer students a well-rounded education that nurtures not only their intellect but also their physical abilities.

Comprehensive Educational Structure

Abheek caters to learners  across all academic stages, from Pre KG to Grade 12, ensuring continuity in a nurturing environment throughout their formative years.

 Our Unique Curriculum

 Our educational approach goes beyond textbooks; it's a holistic learning solution. Tailored to cultivate and challenge each student's unique intellectual strengths and talents, it paves the way for them to unlock their full potential. We structure our curriculum around "themes" that transcend conventional subject boundaries, bringing abstract concepts to life through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic experiences.

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