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About Us

Abheek is an alternative learner-centric pedagogical space. We firmly believe in the power of lifelong learning and its transformative potential for individuals. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing a unique educational experience that fosters personal growth, exploration, and a genuine love for continuous learning.


Through innovative pedagogies, experiential learning, personalized instruction, and a supportive small learner community, we empower individuals to take an active role in their education and embrace lifelong growth. Our programs cater to the diverse needs of learners at every stage of life.


Whether you are in the early stages of childhood or pursuing adult learning, our programs offer meaningful and relevant experiences tailored to resonate with you. Our flexible and experiential curriculum allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world contexts, honing practical skills. From internships and workshops to seminars and hands-on projects, you will bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing your understanding and skill set.


Our educators are guides and facilitators who inspire critical thinking, foster creative problem-solving, and cultivate a strong intellectual curiosity within you. We recognize and nurture your individual strengths, creating an environment where you can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


At Abheek, community is the essence of everything we do. Within our small, supportive learner community, you will discover profound connections, collaborative opportunities, and a profound sense of belonging. Our centre offers a safe and inviting space, enabling you to freely express yourself, exchange ideas, and learn from fellow learners. Together, we forge a dynamic community that nurtures personal growth, active societal contributions, and the development of essential skills for confidently navigating the complexities of the world.


Through our dedicated efforts, we envision an environment where intellectual growth flourishes, emotional well-being is nurtured, and a lifelong love for learning takes root. By embracing innovation and collaboration, we aspire to shape individuals who not only excel academically but also carry a deep sense of empathy, resilience, and a continuous quest for knowledge throughout their lives. With this foundation, our vision is to inspire our learners to contribute meaningfully to the world around them, becoming compassionate and proactive agents of positive action.



Unveiling the art of self-discovery through inquiry-based education, we are on a mission to facilitate holistic transformation. Grounded in community-driven principles and a commitment to our shared humanity, our approach emphasizes unbiased exploration and comprehensive development. Through this, we empower individuals to authentically understand themselves, leading to increased resilience, meaningful connections, and purposeful living.

Brain behind Abheek

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M S Indraa Raju

M. S. Indraa , the visionary founder of our Abheek alternative pedagogical education space, is a catalyst for change, driven by her remarkable journey of self-discovery, education entrepreneurship, and passion for social transformation. Her personal experiences and deep-rooted belief in the power of education have led her to create a groundbreaking centre that challenges traditional norms and empowers individuals to shape their own educational paths.


Drawing from her own struggles as well her own son within the confines of conventional education, she embarked on a transformative quest for alternative learning methods that embrace individuality and foster holistic growth. This journey ignited her passion for reshaping the educational landscape and inspired her to establish a space that values and celebrates each learner's unique journey.

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