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Abheek resource center

A unique feature of our center for homeschoolers or unschoolers is the provision of a supportive and enriching community.

Community Hub

The center serves as a hub for homeschooling and unschooling families to come together, connect, and build a sense of community. It provides a physical space where families can gather, share experiences, and support one another in their educational journeys.

Socialization Opportunities

One of the common concerns regarding home-schooling or unschooling is the limited social interaction for students. We address this by organizing socialization opportunities, such as group activities, field trips, workshops, clubs, or collaborative projects. These events enable children to interact with their peers, develop social skills, and build lasting friendships.


Co-learning and Collaboration

The center facilitates co-learning and collaboration among home schoolers or schoolers. It offers structured group learning activities, workshops, or classes where learners with similar interests or learning goals can come together to explore subjects, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. This fosters a sense of shared learning and the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives.


Resource Sharing

We serve as a resource-sharing hub, providing access to educational materials, books, learning resources, and tools that support home-schooling or unschooling. Families can borrow or exchange resources, reducing the financial burden and expanding the learning opportunities available to learners .


Enrichment Programs

We offer specialized enrichment programs or classes that complement home-schooling or unschooling. These programs include subjects or activities that are challenging to pursue at home, such as advanced science experiments, art workshops, music lessons, coding classes, or foreign language instruction. We  bring in expert instructors or partner with external organizations to provide these specialized programs.

Parent Support and Guidance

In addition to supporting, the centre provides resources, workshops, and guidance for parents who are home-schooling or unschooling their children. It includes workshops on educational approaches, curriculum planning, legal requirements, home-schooling methodologies, and resources for addressing any challenges or concerns that parents may encounter.

Flexibility and Customization

 Our offer flexible scheduling options, allowing families to tailor their educational approach according to their needs and preferences. This flexibility may include part-time enrolment, drop-in options, or the ability to choose specific programs or activities to participate in while still maintaining a home schooling or unschooling lifestyle.

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